AMI Day Information

We are excited to share that the Southside School District has been granted approval to offer “Alternative Methods of Instruction” or AMI days during the 2018-19 school year. This plan will allow the opportunity for all Southside students to be engaged in meaningful learning on inclement weather days or emergency days when conditions prevent schools from being in session. Follow the links below for the full letter.

AMI Letter


AMI Packets

Arkansas PBS AMI Information for Grades PreK-8th

PBS Channels

  • Northwest Arkansas – KAFT, channel 13.
  • North Central Arkansas – KEMV, channel 6.
  • Northeast Arkansas – KTEJ, channel 19.
  • Central Arkansas – KETS, channel 2.
  • Southwest Arkansas – KETG, channel 9.
  • Southeast Arkansas – KETZ, channel 12. 

PBS Online

The daily broadcasts will be posted online for viewing at any time after 4pm on the day of broadcast. You can find that by clicking on the link below.

Arkansas PBS AMI Videos

PBS Daily Schedule

  • 8-9:30 a.m.: Grades Pre-K-2
  • 9:30-11 a.m.: Grades 3-5
  • 11 a.m.-1 p.m.: Grades 6-8

PBS Activity List

The original links for all of the information contained here can also be found at the DESE Alternative Methods of Instruction website.


Quick Directions & Notes

  • Have your child watch the PBS programs appropriate for his/her grade level as often as possible.  Your child might want to watch programs in other grade levels areas, that is perfectly fine.  
  • Choose the activities your child would like to complete for the week.  There is no certain number required.  
  • Contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Remember you will not be turning in these activities to the school.  Just keep them at home with you.

7th & 8th Grades

For AMI Days #11-18, our 7th and 8th grade students will be following the Arkansas AMI Learning Guide lessons through PBS. These lesson plans can be found at the following link:

They can also be accessed through the free app “Engage Arkansas PBS.” You can download this app from the App Store or Google Play. This information will be posted weekly on our school Facebook page and district website.

We will begin with the lessons for April 7 (Week 2 on the website). Each day, please choose from the activities listed and use the resources you have on hand to make these your own. You do not need to do every activity.

Exceptions for 7th & 8th:

Ms. Vines’ Pre-AP Science classes will have lessons in Google Classroom.

Ms. Duncan’s Literacy classes will have lessons provided in print.

9th Grade – 12th Grade

Some common questions:
When do I post the assignments? The morning of April 16, 2020
When are the assignments due?  11:59 pm  on April 26, 2020
How do I grade them? Provide feedback and record completion of the AMI assignment. Our objective is to keep students engaged with us and to practice essential skills.
What if a student is doing no AMI work for me and I am unable to contact him/her?  Share this information with your principal.
What assignment do I post in my Google Classroom?

For the week of April 20th:

Learning Task 1

English Classes

Learning Task 2

English Classes

Learning Task 3


Learning Task 4

Social Studies Teachers

Learning Task 5

Choir, Band, Vocational Teachers, Art, Spanish, Journalism, Athletics, and any other non-core class

Which Math Packet will students complete each week?

My Current Math Class is…

I work

Algebra A

Algebra B

Algebra I

Pre-AP Algebra I

Bridge to Algebra II

Algebra I Level Packet

Geometry A

Geometry B


Pre-AP Geometry

Geometry Level Packet

Algebra II

Pre-AP Algebra II

Algebra III

Advanced Topics

Pre-AP Calculus

Algebra II Level Packet

Worksheets for AMI Days 29-33

Worksheets for AMI Days 34-40


Faculty Contact List

Listed below are the names and email addresses for Faculty in the need that you would like to make contact with them with any questions you have in regards to the assigned AMI work.

Amador, Jessica
Appleget, Timothy
Austin, Angela
Ballard, Julie
Barber, Jackson
Barker, Abby
Bice, Mallory
Blankenship, Eli
Blevins, Mandy
Bowman, Colyn
Brackett, Chelsea
Bradley, Angela
Burrow, Kate
Butler, Heather
Butler, Judy
Byars, Vicki
Cardenas, Amanda
Childress, Tim
Churchwell, Matt
Churchwell, Nancy
Clark, Julia
Coppens, Tracey
Cox, Tammy
Cummings, Kim
Cuzzort, Mamie
Dahl, Gayla
Dale, Tina
Davis, Britney
Davis, Chris
Davis, Susan
Dayberry, Julie
Denison, Fred
Denison, Kelly
Denton, Garett
Difani, Jessica
Dowdy, Nancy
Dunavan, Will
Duncan, Nancy
Edwards, Jonathan
Edwards, Paige
Elder, Brandy
Elumbaugh, Margaret
Engles, Becky
Faircloth, Molly
Fennell, Meagan
Fields, Tyler
Franks, Laura
Fuller, Billie
Fuquay, Melinda
Galloway, Dana
Gay, Angie
Gilliland, Paige
Gillmore, Tammy
Gould, Amber
Haigwood, Jeff
Hall, Christin
Harber, Jessica
Hardin, Chris
Harmon, Jennifer
Harris, Cheryl
Harris, Dawn
Hearn, Elizabeth
Henderson, Shauna
Henley, Jerri
Hill, Gabrielle
Hodges, Jimmy
Hoggard, Ashley
Hughey, Nicole
Humphrey, Novella
James, Chaney
Jenkins, Kristie
Johnson, Emily
Johnston, Felicia
Johnston, Jon
Jordan, Shawna
Keller, Blythe
Keller, Rick
Kiihnl, Kaitlin
Lancaster, Vanessa
Landers, Kim
Liles, Houston
Lorch, Tabatha
Lovell, Rachel
Maag, Courtney
Majors, Carol
Marks, Jessica
Martin, Darin
McCarville, Nathan
Mcghee, Brad
Mcghee, Lisa
Mead, Jana
Mitchell, Eric
Morrison, Angela
Moser, Jessica
Moser, Pat
Muston, Kristi
Nicholson, Ashley
Pack, Beverly
Painter, Rikki
Parks, Leia
Patterson, Jennifer
Pickett, Amanda
Pitts, Haley
Poole, Kimberly
Presley, Sandra
Prince, Adam
Prince, Courtney
Qualls, Kevin
Rains, Suzanne
Reardon, Brian
Reardon, Julie
Reed, Brandon
Reed, Jalesa
Reesor, Whitney
Rich, Lisa
Rich, Ryan
Ried, Kathy
Ried, Roger
Riley, Jordan
Ritchie, Alicia
Roa, Luz
Robbins, Connie
Russell, Rebecca
Shane, Jordan
Shanks, Michayla
Shetron, Sarah
Sifford, Kelley
Simpson, Kenny
Sitkowski, Dana
Sitkowski, George
Skipper, Alicia
Smith, Candace
Smith, Deerick
Stalker, Kim
Stevens, Dion
Stevenson, Camee
Sweat, DeeDee
Sweat, Joseph
Talley, Shawna
Taylor, Mollie
Taylor, Seva
Tharp, Derek
Turner, Kayla
Vines, Jessica
Walker, Shannon
Watson, Terry
Weaver, Angela
Weaver, Jason
Welch, Donnita
West, Leslie
Westbrook, Sara
Williams, Amanda
Williams, Brooke
Williams, Tressa
Womble, Matthew
Wood, Alicia
Young, Amber
Young, Bonnie

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