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Over the last several years, our campus has been in a constant state of growth. With this growth comes the need for new and upgraded facilities. To date we’ve been fortunate enough to move forward with these improvements to our campus without requesting an additional millage. It is our intent to continue in this manner, but to do so we need your help.
Southside School District has made the financial commitment to our students, faculty and community to finally bring our fine arts auditorium to life. This 900 seat facility will host choir concerts, band concerts, drama performances, and a host of other community events.

We know our patrons share our enthusiasm for ensuring our students have the best facilities possible. It is in that spirit that we ask for your help in fulfilling our obligation by sponsoring a seat or seats in the new auditorium.  In return for your sponsorship, we will create a customized plaque to be displayed on a seat in the auditorium.  The plaque may display your name, a personal message or even the name of a friend or loved one.

There are three sponsorship levels available to show your support for this project.  Sponsorships may be paid in full up front or divided into an optional payment plans.

Each sponsorship level is represented on the illustration to the left.

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